Service guarantee

Service guarantee

Repair and Maintenance

Silage Cutter Maintenance and Servicing 

To guarantee your machine can work normally and have a long service life, maintenance is necessary. You can benefit from maintenance for the following reasons: 

1. Prevent early wear of components;

2. Facilitate adjustment of the machine;

3. Reduce the depreciation rate of the machine;

1. Check before use whether all connection is reliable and whether there is collision at the rotating part;

2. Check on a regular basis whether bolts and nuts are fastened, especially after operation. Please fasten them immediately in case of any looseness;

3. Each shift should check before operation whether anchorages at each part are fastened. If they are loose, please fasten them timely. It should be noted that each shift should check the fastening bolt of movable and fixed cutters.

4. Parts of the machine requiring lubrication should be lubricated frequently. Lubricating oil in the gearbox should be replaced once a quarter. The bearing of the main shaft should be cleaned and apply lithium-based lubricating grease once a year.

5. Each chain of the working machine should apply lubricating oil once every four hours, and dust, included straws and other objects in chains must be removed before applying lubricating oil;

6. Both movable and fixed blades should be sharp. Blunt blades should be replaced or sharpened timely. The beveled surface of the movable blade should be sharpened. The upper surface of the fixed blade should be sharpened. The joint surface of blades should not be sharpened. It is not allowed that each group of movable blades contain both new and old blades.

7. Each shift should check each component to confirm whether they are worn, deformed or damaged. If any problem is found, please make correction or replacement timely.

8. After operation, the main frame should idle for a period of time to blow off dust and straw in the machine, and then the power should be cut off, so that the operator can clean up ground straw and dust inside and outside the machine in case of rust.

9. Spare parts for replacement must conform to our company’s performance standard. Please use the original Sida spare parts.

10. Before welding tractors and machines, please remove the cable from the motor and the battery.

11. Tensile or pressed components (e.g. spring, pressure mechanism, etc.) should be repaired by skilled operators with dedicated tools.

12. Dirt and mud on the machine should be brushed with cold or warm water, but it should be specially noted that water should not be jetted onto bearing components directly (degreaser may be used when necessary, but acid or alkali cleaning agent should not be used).

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