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9Z-30 Silage Cutter \9Z-30 Silage cutter

9Z-15 silage straw machine

9Z-13 type silage straw machine

Type 9Z-9.5 Silage hay cutter

Type 9ZR-6 guilt-cutter

9RC-130 straw kneading machine

9RC-100 straw kneading machine \9RC-100TC straw kneading machine

9RC-70 straw kneading machine

9FQ-60 feed grinder

9FQ-50 feed grinder

9FQ-45 feed grinder

9FQ-36 feed grinder

9G-1.25 Mower

5T-90 type motorized thresher


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Luoyang Sida Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.

Luoyang Sida Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. (“Sida” for short), founded in 1993, is engaged in research, development, production and operation of the agricultural machinery. Sida has first-class professionals, advanced manufacturing technology and complete detection means. Self-developed agricultural machinery has obtained many national patents and independent import and export rights. Main products include feed grinder...

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9RC-50 silk kneading machine speed-up test
9ZTR-3 guillotine kneading machine test
Experiment of 9ZRS-90 straw kneading machine in the pasture
9RC-100 type kneading machine straw bale test
Test effect of 9ZR-4A guillotine kneader