Liu Xian, Deputy Director, came to Sida to guide the work.

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Source: Sida Agricultural Machinery

The afternoon of September 7, the Ministry of Agriculture Division of Agricultural Mechanisation Liu Xian, deputy director of Yao Chunsheng, respectively, in the provincial agricultural machinery management bureau Zhang Kelun, director of Farmer's Daily Newspaper Zhao Tiantong, director of China Agricultural Information Network Liang Baozhong, Mengjin County People's Government, accompanied by the county mayor of Zhang Shucheng, etc. to the Luoyang Sida Agricultural Machinery Co.

Liu Xian, deputy director and his entourage went to Luoyang Sida Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. Changtong Branch and the head office inspection and guidance, in the head office listened to the report of the chairman of the board of directors of the Kong Jinsheng, to understand the course of the development of the enterprise and the company's development plan, the company's development of some of the problems have also made a report to the leaders. Liu Xian, deputy director of the Sida company adhere to the road of science and technology enterprises and the preparation of the "Sida Industrial Park" development plan was fully affirmed, and the development of the enterprise put forward suggestions and requirements, Mengjin County People's Government, Zhang Shucheng County, said that the development of the Sida company to give full policy support. Chairman Kong said: We are confident that "Sida Agricultural Machinery" to do fine, strong, bigger, and strive for the economic development of Luoyang and China's agricultural mechanisation cause to make more contributions.


Chairman Kong explained the new products of Sida Agricultural Machinery to the leaders.


Group photo of relevant leaders in the company's exhibition hall

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Ministry of Agriculture asked to do a good job this year's "three summer" wheat across the region machine harvesting work

"Three summers" busy is coming. Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture issued "on doing a good job in 2009 agricultural machinery across the region of the operation of the notice", requiring the competent departments at all levels of agricultural mechanisation to seriously organise good year-round agricultural machinery across the region of the operation of the work of high-quality, high efficiency to carry out the "three summers" wheat across the region of the machine harvesting battle to achieve the grains back to the warehouse to ensure that a good harvest of summer grains and a good harvest of agricultural production throughout the year! Make a positive contribution.

National agricultural machinery cross-area operation work will be held in Zhengzhou

On 7 May, the Ministry of Agriculture held a national conference on cross-area operation of agricultural machinery in Zhengzhou. Ministry of Agriculture Agricultural Mechanisation Management Division Director Zong Jinyao, Deputy Director Liu Hengxin attended the conference and delivered a speech.

More than half of the central financial resources for the purchase of agricultural machinery subsidies were implemented

Since April, the implementation of the policy of subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery has accelerated across the board. According to the Ministry of Agriculture statistics, as of 15 April, the country's provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have implemented the purchase of agricultural machinery subsidies of 5.28 billion yuan of central financial funds, accounting for 52.8 per cent of the 10 billion yuan of subsidies allocated by the central government, subsidies for more than 1.12 million sets of machinery (sets), benefiting more than 1.05 million households. Statistics show that in April, the purchase of machinery subsidies around the climax of the work. From 1 to 15 April, only half a month on the implementation of the central financial funds 1.2 billion yuan. Among them, Beijing, Fujian, Henan, the central funds implementation progress of more than 85%, Tianjin, Shandong, Xinjiang, Ningbo, Qingdao implementation progress of more than 75%, Anhui, Jiangxi, Shanxi implementation progress of more than 70%. From the type of subsidised machinery, corn harvester, grain harvester, large and medium-sized tractors in strong demand, have been subsidised to purchase 21,000 units, 17,000 units and 105,000 units, three types of agricultural machinery using a total of 3.32 billion yuan of subsidies, accounting for 62.9% of the funds have been implemented to subsidise the optimisation of the structure of agricultural machinery and equipment.

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