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Type 9Z-6.5 silage hay cutter

Used for cutting green (dry) corn straw, straw and other crop straw and herbage, suitable for cattle farm of less than 30 cattle or sheep farm of less than 100 sheep.
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Product Video/Working Principle

Main technical parameters

project 9Z-6.5 type 9Z-6.5 type (towing type)
Supporting power Motor Power (kW) 7.5 -------
Speed ​​(r/min) 1440 -------
Tractor or diesel engine Transmission type Belt drive PTO shaft
Power (horsepower) 12~15
Power output shaft speed (r/min) ------ 540
Tractor attachment form ------ Trailer
Dimensions Transport size: length × width × height (mm) 630×1010×1300
  Use size: length × width × height (mm) 1575×1737×2315 2690×1210×2390
Machine weight (㎏) 280 340
Spindle rated speed (r/min) 900 900
Dynamic number of blades amounts (sheet) 4 tablets
Design power transmission shaft key number ------ 6
Triangle belt B1950 Mine B1350 Mine
structure type Disc Disc
Feeding inlet width (mm) 220 220
Feeding method Axial feed Axial feed
Feed roller speed ( r/min) 175 175
Moving blade Curved edge Curved edge
Disk or roller diameter (working part) (mm) φ780 φ780


Performance Index

project data
Productivity Green corn stalk (water content 78%) ≥6.5 t/h
Design cut grass length 13,22,26,44(mm)
Finished material blowing distance 4~6(m)


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