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Department of agriculture requirements well in this year's "summer" wheat kuaqujishou work

Department of agriculture requirements well in this year's "summer" wheat kuaqujishou work

2014/02/12 14:15
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"Summer" busy at. Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture issued "notice" on the cross agricultural jobs in 2009

"Summer" busy at. Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture issued "notice" on the cross agricultural jobs in 2009, the competent departments at all levels of requirements of agricultural machinery to seriously organize the annual operation across agricultural work, high quality, high efficiency of the "three summer" wheat kuaqujishou battle, realize the particles to warehouse, in order to guarantee the summer harvest and the agricultural production has made positive contribution to a good harvest.

Notice clear guiding ideology cross agricultural jobs in 2009: to thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, focus on improving the key important farming, crop, key production and grain producing areas of the level of mechanization operation target, to work area clear, service radius of moderate, service object firmly, operating income stability for the principle, in order to consolidate the optimization of wheat machine, to accelerate rice harvesting machine transplanting, vigorously develop the corn combine, actively cultivate rapeseed, potato harvesting as the focus, efforts to expand the field of cross agricultural jobs, the scope and scale, organization, information and standardization level of the agricultural operation across the high, promote trans regional operation speed, quality and efficiency, promote the agricultural operation across to develop in depth.

Notice the main objectives and tasks of cross agricultural jobs in 2009: propulsion equipment investment increases further, combine to participate in the "summer" wheat cross regional work increased 10000, to 280000,; combine into rice trans regional operation than last year about 22000, achieve 140000; trans regional harvesting corn combine harvester 10000 growth table than last year, reaching 24000 taiwan. The income level to further improve the tractor ploughing, sowing, cross level have new breakthrough. Trans regional operation of market order is optimized further, prevent the emergence of price fluctuations, to prevent the emergence of diesel supply out of limit for equipment, promoting the smooth transfer, maintain the balance of supply and demand and machine hand steady earnings.

Notice from six aspects of the deployment of 2009 good job working agricultural districts:

To strengthen the organization and leadership. Adhere to the development of cross regional work as to promote agricultural mechanization important things, further the operation across the work of bigger and stronger. At present, agricultural departments to organize the "summer" wheat kuaqujishou as the center, a program of work, improve the careful deploy, elaborate arrangement, overall strength, firm is caught fulfil, cogent accomplish summer day can't get the job, not a day to relax, high quality, efficient organization of good wheat kuaqujishou battle, the particles to warehouse.

Two to carry out preparatory work quickly. As soon as possible to carry out the important farming season machinery maintenance repair and operation skill, agricultural machinery operation quality standard, production safety knowledge training. Strict implementation of "cross operating license" grant procedures and requirements, no charge any fees, prohibited off-site release, banned by the operation organization, agricultural machinery dealer on behalf of. Do the coordination work, promote the school machine and cited for timely exchange of supply and demand information, sign the contract work, establish a long-term cooperation mechanism.

Three to coordinate the implementation of supporting policies. The implementing policies and measures to support the development of agricultural mechanization, to create a favorable policy environment for the trans regional operation. To speed up the implementation of the subsidy policy, strictly regulate the operation, intensify policy propaganda, strengthen supervision and management, to ensure that the subsidy policy benefits hundred-percent to farmers, to ensure that subsidies in the "summer", "autumn" and other key farming season to play a role in. Implement the service of agricultural machinery and agricultural machinery repair shall be exempted from income tax, agricultural districts operating toll free policy, reduce the cost of cross agricultural jobs.

Four to strengthen the information to guide. Strengthening the information service work, to provide timely, accurate, valuable information for farmers and machine hand, guide the rational flow of equipment, improve equipment operating efficiency. Cooperation with the meteorological, communications and other departments, to carry out various forms of information service. The provinces and municipalities to the timely issuance kuaqujishou express, reflect the dynamics of the work and the existing problems, timely solutions to promote related issues. "Summer", "autumn" and other important season, to schedule daily system.

Fifth, improve the degree of organization. Cultivating and supporting agricultural cooperatives, agricultural association, agricultural machinery operation company of agricultural machinery service organizations to participate in the agricultural operation across. To strengthen the work place and no clear tasks, blindly out equipment management. Promote the establishment of inter regional cooperation mechanisms, the formation of cooperative relations between supply and demand is relatively stable. To organize and promote job orders, contracting services, "all in one service", "the meal service". Strengthen the management of intermediary organizations, to strengthen training and supervision, improve the service ability and service level of the intermediary service organization.

Six to continue to standardize the job market. Actively with the relevant departments to strengthen coordination and cooperation, on farm fuel market price regulation, to ensure that key operational seasonal agricultural oil, maintain agriculture and oil market stability and order of price. Strictly investigate and deal with unlicensed driving, driving without a license and tractor manned and other illegal acts, the maintenance of the road traffic order, the timely processing of road traffic accidents happened in agricultural machinery. Efforts for the trans regional operation machine hand to arrange tasks, prohibited all forms of market blockade, local protection, promotion of agricultural enterprises to do the repair and parts supply services. To strengthen the operation of quality supervision work, timely handle disputes. According to the characteristics of key farming season agricultural production safety, organize the investigation and risk management, to eliminate agricultural accidents, prevent agricultural accidents, promote agricultural operation is fast, efficient, safe conduct. To organize and guide the agricultural hand tools must be cleared in remaining good combine harvester soil, wheat straw and wheat before the transfer, avoid disease and random collect propagation. (source: 09-05-14 Office of news of Ministry of Agriculture)

Release date: May 15, 2009 to: Information Center Lyz editor: Chinese Agricultural Mechanization Information Network Information Center He Lihong.

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