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Operation across national agricultural work will be held in Zhengzhou

Operation across national agricultural work will be held in Zhengzhou

2014/02/12 14:10
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May 7 , the Ministry of Agriculture held a national work conference on agricultural operation across Zhengzhou . Agricultural Mechanization Management Division of the Ministry of Agriculture were Kam Yiu , Deputy Director Liu Heng new to attend and speak.

May 7 , the Ministry of Agriculture held a national work conference on agricultural operation across Zhengzhou . Agricultural Mechanization Management Division of the Ministry of Agriculture were Kam Yiu , Deputy Director Liu Heng new to attend and speak.

General Assembly in 2009 , " three summer " wheat Kuaqujishou objectives : Combine invested 440,000 units , an increase of 20,000 units over the previous year , to participate in Kuaqujishou of 280,000 units ; Xiaomaijishou level reaches 83% , increased by 1 percentage point over the previous year .

Kam Yiu were considered in his speech , agricultural cross-operating to solve a contradiction small-scale production and large-scale mechanized operations between one family found a significant way . By cross-operating effectively improve the utilization of agricultural machinery to solve the " organic households did not live dry organic , inorganic households live not machine dry " issue. In recent years, more than a dozen major grain-producing provinces organized every year hundreds of thousands of combine harvesters moved north and south , combines years of operating time of 10-15 days to 1-2 months , combines the cross- ownership District operations began early in 1997 to 14.1 million units in 2008 to 710,000 units. Xiaomaijishou level increased from 54% in 1997 to 82% in 2008 , the basic realization of wheat production mechanization .

Zong Jin Yao stressed that wheat could particle positions , machine income is the key. Agricultural management departments at all levels should focus Xiaomaijishou 83% target , the " three summer " Wheat Kuaqujishou as center, less than a day of summer and make sure hands, work day does not relax. All localities should focus on implementing the farm machinery purchase subsidy , agricultural operations and cross-operating expenses tax credit related to various preferential policies , such as free access to ensure the equipment into operation on schedule ; must focus on improving the level of work organization , to do the work area clear, moderate service radius , the target stability, reasonable operating income .

It is understood that in 2008 China's agricultural production has made remarkable achievements. Agricultural Mechanization departments at all levels have withstood the test of snow and ice and the Wenchuan earthquake and other natural disasters , to respond effectively to the tight supply of diesel serious impact agricultural operations prices high and many other negative factors, the total amount of agricultural inputs , operating area , mechanized water average record. Kuaqujishou loss of 51 billion kilograms of grain to reduce , increase machine hand income 45 billion, increase revenue totaled 19.2 billion yuan , an increase of 20 billion yuan more than last year , as food production , agricultural efficiency and rural incomes make a positive contribution .

The meeting analyzed the job five year Kuaqujishou favorable conditions :

First, the social environment of unprecedented good . The central government allocated the "three rural " invested 716.1 billion yuan , an increase of 120.6 billion yuan more than last year . A significant increase in the farm machinery purchase subsidy , improved minimum grain purchase prices for agricultural districts to create a good environment for the job .

Second, a substantial increase in the level of farm machinery and equipment . With the purchase subsidy payments were issued in the country 13 billion , the majority of farmers purchase enthusiasm , agricultural machinery industry sales booming . Currently, the country has implemented subsidies to farmers to 6.16 billion yuan , more than 1,320,000 sets of equipment subsidies , benefiting 1.22 million farmers , promote local financial investment 1.6 billion yuan . Implementation of the 68.6% subsidy funds for the purchase of medium-sized tractors, combine harvesters and further optimize corn , rice transplanter , grain harvesting machinery, farm machinery and equipment structure.

Third, farmers are expected to increase equipment investment and positive . According to the Ministry of Agriculture survey, this year's demand Kuaqujishou job market is still relatively strong, is expected to invest a combined wheat harvester , participate in a joint operation across the wheat harvest more than last year .

Four is a good oil supply is expected . This year the national implementation of the refined oil price and tax reform , the abolition road maintenance , gradual and orderly government canceled secondary roads repayment of such fees , reducing the cost of cross- agricultural jobs . Overall, oil prices rose, the tight supply situation will not arise , " three summer " period .

Five is ready to work cross-operating fully . Country attaches great importance to ensure early planning, early deployment , early implementation . Ministry of Agriculture printed 300,000 " transplanter combine cross-operating certificate" , has been distributed free of charge to local hands hands. Provinces , regions and municipalities on this cross-operating problems that may arise also analyzed and predicted the development of a positive response.

The meeting also analyzed the impact of this potential disadvantage Kuaqujishou job :

First, the impact of weather on crop maturation time is uncertain , difficult to harvesters orderly transfer ;

Second, this year's rice, wheat, corn revenue less than last year , to increase the difficulty of increasing farmers , farmers with the machine needs to improve impact ;

Third, under the circumstances for five consecutive years to increase production of food and agricultural production tends to relax somewhat apparent, some local governments and departments will reduce the emphasis on cross- agricultural jobs ;

Fourth, the increase in the number of machines into the job , the job will inevitably lead to price competition and local protection disorderly phenomena , even the weather, will lead to a certain period of supply and demand in parts of machine operating out of touch .

In his speech, Liu Heng New urged all localities to "three summer" as the focus , focus on good preparation , implement the relevant policies , carry out information to guide and improve the level of organization and actively coordinate with the job market norms , promotion of appropriate technology , and expand public information make efforts to ensure the realization of the summer agricultural operation across goal.

During the meeting, the Ministry of Agriculture and Agricultural Mechanization Management Division Fukuda Lovol International Heavy Industry Company held on "three summer " cross-operating information services cooperation signing ceremony ; Henan, Hubei and Shandong provinces agricultural management departments to do a typical exchange of experience speaking .

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