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Accelerate the purchase of agricultural subsidies have significant effects are real

Accelerate the purchase of agricultural subsidies have significant effects are real

2014/02/12 14:08
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February 26 , the Ministry of Agriculture has issued further accelerate the implementation of farm machinery purchase subsidy policy urgent notice requiring agricultural mechanization departments at all levels to further accelerate the purchase of agricultural subsidies implemented as soon as possible so that policies play effect .

February 26 , the Ministry of Agriculture has issued further accelerate the implementation of farm machinery purchase subsidy policy urgent notice requiring agricultural mechanization departments at all levels to further accelerate the purchase of agricultural subsidies implemented as soon as possible so that policies play effect . Currently, the country is taking positive and effective measures to implement the purchase of agricultural subsidies as the current major and urgent task to firmly grasp the center .

Let policy deeply rooted

Linwu full play to the role of Hunan agricultural sector township agricultural service stations , agricultural associations , so that the policy announcement posted to the village , promotional materials sent home, exactly the policy to farmers. In order to grasp the purchase of agricultural subsidies Services , county and township cadres agricultural policy is not enough to understand , equipment selection is not reasonable for farmers, good interpretation of policy, technically good guidance, so that they can buy roses machines . County Agricultural Board also requested grants subsidies for equipment dealers actively making deployment and supply of equipment to fulfill the "three guarantees " service commitment , to carry out "sending equipment, training delivery , delivery service ," countryside activities to ensure that households purchase buy satisfaction , must be assured. As of February 27 , the county has 115 applications to purchase 147 units of various types of farm machinery , agricultural subsidies amounted to 368,910 yuan , effectively promoting the county's agricultural land preparation for spring production .

" Mr Zhu , this 6CR -? 45 models rubbing tea machine , how much to sell the policy of subsidies by what percentage ? " Town agricultural station to hear this gay propaganda machine directory subsidies to purchase new equipment to further increase the magnitude of the increase and after the good news , Sichuan Wangcang three Town Village farmers Hexu Lun three counties arrived early in the morning he had been asked Yoshimine agricultural companies want to buy rubbing tea machine . Wangcang total for this year to purchase state subsidies of 800 million , an increase of 6.64 million ( 1.36 million yuan last year ) than last year , at present, a large number of users have come to love the farm consultation policy , asking how to buy and advanced conditions permit practical farm machinery , has more than 130 farmers signed a purchase agreement of intent .

Allow farmers to buy rest assured that seemed to

Jiangsu Xuyi County will purchase subsidy policy to run , to do real, real farmers satisfaction, corporate satisfaction , to prevent the occurrence of violations of Xuyi County Agricultural Bureau and the successful sale of agricultural products companies and agents in Xuyi signed a tripartite commitment book . County Agricultural Bureau commitments: adhere to an open , fair and impartial manner, and standards to ensure that the county's farmers have an equal opportunity to obtain the right to purchase , each successful enterprises have equal access to the county's agricultural markets. While strengthening the supervision and implementation of the accountability system. Leaders resolutely implement the administrative leadership as the first responsible person in charge of the leadership responsible for the second , the person directly responsible for the promotion of webmasters accountability , discipline and resolutely investigate and deal with irregularities in the implementation process of the illegal operations and services are not in place , harm public the interests of producers and distributors accountability system , and handle in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and procedures , until driven out Xuyi agricultural markets. Successful enterprises promise : to provide quality agricultural products for farmers and ensure timely delivery of purchase , the price of equipment shall not exceed the ceiling price , the sale of equipment configuration and consistent sales and reimbursement models and other models . Dealers are committed to: real equipment subsidies , configuration in place, strict enforcement of product catalog price subsidies , standardize operations, not fraud , conscientiously fulfill the "three guarantees" responsibilities .

In order to facilitate the majority of farmers and herdsmen to keep abreast of this purchase subsidy policy related matters , Inner Mongolia Agricultural Bureau set Zhalaiteqi purchase desk , exercise leadership duty system . That is on duty every day by a Bureau , received the majority of farmers and herdsmen , to explain matters related to subsidies to purchase them . Large meeting room table filled with all kinds of farm machinery neat color pictures , VCD player in rice transplanter , rice, corn harvester real jobs , mechanical maintenance and other contents of the disc how aroused great interest of farmers and herdsmen , basically meet the people on the various mechanical " see and feel " the desire to allow farmers to buy the rest assured that with liking .

Insufficient funding to help farmers solve problems purchase

Tengzhou City, Shandong Province for some farmers to purchase agricultural sector and high enthusiasm , but lack of funds actually , actively coordinating rural credit cooperatives in Tengzhou City , launched a new purchase loan services , opens the door for farmers to purchase . Specifically: Where to purchase subsidized farmers , may hold the purchase invoice or proof of purchase of farm machinery , the application to the local credit union with a purchase price ( net of the amount of government subsidies ) 50% of the loan for a period of 1-3 years . In addition , Tengzhou City Credit Union also implemented preferential interest rate policy , where the application for purchase of agricultural subsidies farmers loans , loan interest rates compared to the same kind of loan offers 5-10 % , personal accident insurance to participate in a further 5% discount . At present, the majority of grassroots Tengzhou off a farm in the heat , many farmers have come to the city to purchase agricultural bureau consulting matters , showing great enthusiasm purchase .

Liuzhou, Guangxi Autonomous Region Agricultural Bureau and the Office of Rural Credit Cooperative Union Liuzhou jointly issued the " rural cooperative financial institutions and Liuzhou Liuzhou Authority to support farmers to purchase agricultural mechanization agricultural machinery cooperative work program ." The program provides loans to farmers when available collateral to provide farmers with the purchase of farm machinery or mortgage , the loan amount less than 30% of the equipment issued in accordance with the price of agricultural cooperatives may be an independent legal entity appropriately raise the loan amount , the loan interest rates go up principles shall not exceed 20% on the same period the benchmark rate. The introduction of new financial support policies will greatly solve the farmers' problems of its own funds to purchase less , greatly improve the purchasing power of farmers to purchase , in order to assist farmers to increase entrepreneurship , promote agricultural mechanization level of Liuzhou leapfrog development to create a good financial environment .

Financial support to help farmers fight for place

Agricultural Bureau Linxia , Gansu Province to further inspire and mobilize the peasants farm machinery purchase subsidy initiative and enthusiasm for production , so that farmers fully enjoy the national farm machinery subsidies benefiting the agriculture policy , at the central, provincial capital on the basis of financial arrangements actively seek to coordinate statewide financial arrangements supporting farm machinery purchase subsidy funds 800,000 yuan . The state agricultural sector through thorough investigation , combined with practical application in agricultural extension , taking cumulative subsidies for matching funds approach , in strict accordance with " Gansu Province in 2009 agricultural machinery subsidy catalog ", focusing on subsidies to small tractors ,8- 20 hp 15 hp hand tractors, large straw rubbing machine, potato planting machine, excavator. Subsidy standards : 20 hp small tractor single subsidy 1000 yuan ; 8-15 horsepower tractor single subsidy 500 yuan ; big straw rub silk machine single subsidy 1000 yuan ; 2BSMX-2 potato planter and 4UX-550 potato diggers each single subsidy of 1,000 yuan. Counties (cities ) are strictly in accordance with the agricultural sector , " Linxia matching funds to subsidize the purchase of agricultural use and management plan" , strict procedures, norms implemented. With preliminary statistics, the cumulative subsidies will reach more than 800 sets of equipment , the subsidy rate of 45 %.

Xinjiang Yili Party committees and governments to implement policies to enrich the implementation of farm machinery purchase subsidy policy to include the ten practical for the private one , and the product was first held on site selection purchase of agricultural subsidies would allow farmers to self- selection, site purchase . And static county government this year for the purchase of agricultural subsidies county special fund of 50 million, allocated project funds of $ 100,000. Of which 50 million yuan of special funds focus for drip irrigation equipment , corn harvesting machinery, plastic film recycling seedling transplanting equipment and machinery accumulated or individual subsidies.

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