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Standard Interpretation - Cutter

2014/01/08 14:06
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Standard interpretation - according to the Ministry of Agriculture chaff , the Ministry of Finance "on the issuance of" 2009 farm machinery purchase subsidy embodiment of "notice"

Standard interpretation - according to the Ministry of Agriculture chaff , the Ministry of Finance "on the issuance of" 2009 farm machinery purchase subsidy embodiment of "notice" ( Agricultural Finance [2008 ] No. 190 ) requires that each province seize organized a non-generic class subsidies for equipment selection , earnestly prepared the " 2009 farm machinery purchase subsidy catalog" , examination and approval by the Ministry of Agriculture , beginning from January 24 , most provinces directory has been released to the community to implement this stimulating domestic demand and promote stable and rapid economic development , accelerate agricultural mechanization has an important role .

This year the selection and purchase of agricultural subsidies machinery directory formulation has four following salient features :

First, the selection of many kinds . Agricultural Finance two provisions , this year the central government subsidy of 12 categories of equipment types 38 Class 128 items , in addition to this , each province can be further increased by 10 items . For the enormous quantity of 13 items generic class equipment selection organization unified by the Ministry of Agriculture , other geographical features a strong selection of equipment carried by the provinces and municipalities . Provincial Selection of equipment types range up to 12 categories of 38 subcategories of 125 items , an increase of 170% over the previous year .

Second, a wide coverage. Selection range covers farming, animal husbandry , fisheries, horticulture , agriculture, agricultural processing and schistosomiasis control in early epidemic , hilly agricultural machinery needed for agricultural production , satisfy the diverse needs of farmers to purchase and use of agricultural machinery . Meanwhile, according to local drought Seedlings agricultural production needs , everything, with tonight , according to the provisions of the pumps, sprinkler irrigation machinery and equipment urgently needed equipment included in the purchase of agricultural drought subsidies, to meet the needs of a bumper harvest drought Seedlings .

Third, strict selection procedures . According to the State Council on "strict bidding system , the better the quality of farm machinery selection " decision to deploy , the provincial Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of strict implementation of two selection system, further rigorous selection procedures, standards and requirements, adhere to an open , just and fair principle , an expert team , a comprehensive assessment of the election machinery products from the price , performance, configuration , service, quality assurance , etc., to effectively apply advanced technology is mature, reliable , energy saving, service in place of farm machinery subsidies opt directory . Discipline inspection and supervision departments at all levels throughout the work involved in the selection , strengthen supervision , is strictly prohibited to take unreasonable policies to protect the region's backward production capacity, non- forcible recommend products to purchase farmers , prohibited by the national expansion of farm machinery purchase subsidy on the occasion of price hikes .

Fourth, the implementation progress fast. December 5 last year to start the selection of equipment subsidies , a national class equipment to complete before the end of the selection , announced the selected corporate and product list. Selection of provinces, autonomous regions and directories to develop work smoothly , as of now , in addition to the annual agricultural subsidies , Jiangsu and Gansu provinces individual provinces , regions and municipalities have been announced to the public directory . Catalog published two months earlier than last year , to ensure that the pre- spring from which farmers can choose to apply to purchase equipment subsidies .

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