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Silage forage cutter Care and Maintenance

1 , prior to use , first check the reliability of the various parts of the connection , turning parts without collision ;

2, regular check bolts and nuts are tightened , especially after the first day of operation. Tighten loose immediately if any ;

3 , the class should be fully checked before each part of the job fasteners are tightened , if loose , tighten it promptly ; particular attention to the class action to check and tighten bolts fixed knife .

4 , where the machine ministries require lubrication should always pay attention to lubrication, gear box oil changed once a quarter , spindle bearings once a year to clean and fill lithium grease .

5, the machine every four hours when the job should be filled with oil to each chain , the chain must be cleared before refueling dust , grass and other items folder ;

6 , moving , fixed blade to keep sharp, to be replaced with a blunt or sharpening , grinding bevel when sharpening the knife should be , given the knife should be above ground , not allowed to sharpening the blade end and faces , each knife is not allowed with the use of old and new ;

7 , check the working class components for wear , deformation or damage , if a problem should be corrected or replaced in a timely manner ;

8 , the end of the operation , should be allowed to host idle for some time , blowing dust and weeds inside the net , and then cut off the power , then remove the broken equipment inside and outside the grass and dirt , to prevent corrosion.

9, the replacement of spare parts required to meet the performance standards provided by our company , please use the original "four of " spare parts ;

10 , in front of the tractor and machine welding work , you should first remove the cable from the generator and battery ;

11 , there is tension or pressure maintenance parts (such as springs , pressure, institutions, etc. ) , with the professional skills required to use a special tool must be operated by professionals ;

12 , with a dirt machine washed in cold or lukewarm water , but be especially careful not to spray directly to the bearing components ( such as may be necessary to use a degreasing agent , but may not use acidic or alkaline cleaning agents ) .