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April 2nd, 1993 is a luck day that “Mengjin Sida Agricultural Machinery Factory” was established in Mengjin county, with a site area of 4.8mu. It was 1987 that cling-clangs from a farmyard at the bank of the Yellow River broke the silence, and the welding beams showed the birth of an extraordinary “newborn”. In Oct. 1987, first “movable feed grinder” was acclaimed by the experts of provincial agricultural machinery evaluation station, which provided an ideal feed processing machinery for the development of the livestock husbandry. That 7sq.m felt shed became an incubator for the birth of “Sida Agricultural Machinery”. When a seedling breaks through the soil, “she” is pleased at obtaining the vitality, seeing the sun and feeling nourishment of rain and dew, and surprised at if “she” is washed away by rains and burnt in the sun.

The private enterprises of that era have endless bitterness and sweetness!

It is pleased that national policies create a good platform for the people who want to do something;

It is surprised if ground-breaking seedling stands the ordeal of climatic change.

Immature “Sida”,

Going through the ordeal of private enterprise bankruptcy rush;

Going through the attack of large-area bad debt caused by the bankruptcy of agricultural machinery companies;

Going through the baptism of financing difficulty;

Going through the hardship of product development;

Going through the embarrassment of backward management;

Going through the embarrassment caused by immature products;

Going through the ordeal of difficulties in payment of wages and goods and loan!

No matter how difficult it is, Sida people never gave up.

Because Sida people have tenacious perseverance,

Sincere mindset,

Pioneering spirit,

The concept of making unremitting efforts and transcending ego!

So, Sida survived in plight, grew in hardship and advanced in rough.

The guideline of “winning the customer trust with sincere unity, scientific management and superior quality” guides Sida’s development direction and creates a received trusted “SIDA” brand.

In 1997, “80 Type Wheat Thresher” fell short of demand because of ease of use and superior quality;

In the summer of 1998, because of poor improvement of the thresher’s rotor, Sida replaced more than 1,500 rotors for users. In spite of a great loss, Sida felt at ease;

In the fall of 1998, “movable feed grinders” were sold out because of high quality and ease of use;

In the winter of 1998, in order to meet market demands, Sida purchased land to build workshops and added steel plate shearer and press;

In 1999, reconstruction and bankruptcy of the agricultural machinery companies caused the paralysis of marketing channels, so bad debt increased sharply. In such a special period, how could the agricultural machinery enterprises like Sida survive? For the sake of employees and users, Sida didn’t give up in face of difficulties. Since 2000, the development of the livestock husbandry needed processing machinery increasingly. In the winter of 2000, Sida made a decision to develop “silage cutter”;

In 2000, Sida started a new undertaking to develop “silage cutter”;

In 2001, the silage cutter’s bevel gear material appeared quality problems, so Sida visited 197 users to replace high-quality gearboxes in the winter. We solved the users’ troubles patiently. Although Sida lost a sum, Sida won public feeling. It was 2001 that Sida made a commitment: “SIDA silage cutter, cutter-head, gear and bearings can be replaced within three years freely.” It was 2001 that Sida purchased the land to build workshops under the support of local villagers, which made a preparation for the expanded production in 2003.

April 2003 is a milestone of Sida’s 10th anniversary, when Sida was reconstructed into “Luoyang Sida Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.” under the support of Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the leaders from province, city and county congratulated at present.

Due to domestic soaring steel price, the sales price of the steel plate has broken through 7,000 yuan per ton. Small agricultural machinery industry failed to bear the unexpected blow. It is clear that “to do is equal to lose”. Sida made a decision: “In order to avoid the users’ disappointment and the employees’ unemployment, Sida dared to bear the loss.” In spite of serious loss in that year, “Sida Agricultural Machinery” was accredited by the users in 25 provinces and regions.

In 2006, to rest the hearts of the users in 25 provinces, Sida organized 8 return visit groups consisting of middle-senior managers, visiting the users in 25 provinces such as Hebei, Inner Mongolia, three northeast provinces of China, Xinjiang, Hunan, Yunnan, etc., with a journey of 190,000km, and upgrading 192 items of original products according to customer demands.

In 2008, SIDA hay cutter fell short of demands again. A farmer from Taiyuan Shanxi drove a tricycle, with a journey of more than 400km, to purchase a SIDA silage cutter. In Oct. 1, Sida expanded new factory for the purpose of relieving the embarrassment of shortage.

In 2010, Sida started 5.20 “feed mixer” development engineering. In Aug. 18th, Sida prepared to build steel-structure workshops in sixth workshop and seventh workshop.

In the summer of 2011, under the coordination of director general of CAAMM Gao, Sida reached a transnational cooperative development agreement of self-propelled silage harvester with Japanese STAR.

In Aug. 2012, first self-propelled silage harvester came out.

In Jun. 2013, improved “hydrostatic four-wheel-drive self-propelled silage harvester” came off the production line, and ran more than 300 hours without any fault in Henan, Hebei, Tianjin, Gansu, etc., which made “Sida Agricultural Machinery” achieve a leapfrog from the agricultural implements to the agricultural machinery.